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Havana cabana hotel

When traveling into Key West , down N Roosevelt blvd, you'll have the Blue Green water on one side and all the typical restaurants and tacky t-shirt shops on the other. Sprinkled into the mix are Hotels and Inns but if you pay close attention, you might see something new.

It's parking lot looks like a classic Car club might be hosting their monthly meet up and Vespas and Bicycles greet you outside the grand lobby doors. Congrats! You've just struck gold and discovered a place to truly escape reality ,a place where they've already thought of everything for you. Havana Cabana!

Havana Cabana is a front hotel and quite possibly, "The hottest spot north of Havana."

Try to picture this, someone, I don't know who (but id like to shake their hand) traveled back in time to Cuba , circa 1950 . ( I Imagine them having a warm smile and a sweet Febora hat) They brought with them , the largest natural sponge they could find and absorbed everything. All the Food, all the sounds and all the views, till the sponge was dripping, till it simply couldn't hold anymore Pan Cubano or Domino's.

Once back at the resort they placed the sponge in a sugar cane juicer and squeezed out all that awesomeness. Then proceeded to splash it everywhere, all over the walls and in the floor, sweeping it into every guest room and then like any good Rope Vieja, let it marinate, until all of that influence seeped into every nook, every corner, every aspect of this beautiful property.

That is the only way I can properly describe the vibe that you get at Havana Cabana.

This Hotel plays on all of your, senses like a Spanish guitar. In all of the common areas (which are far from common) you'll hear the sounds of the island, Bongo drums, Horns, Maracas. being Cuban myself, my blood danced!

The lobby has a casa blanca feel with White, sheer romantic drapes handing about and whimsical seating. Swings big enough for three, Rockers and a grand staircase that makes every grand and beautiful statement that there is to make.

You'll find local hand rolled cigars and swag for purchase, just in case you would like a Fedora hat of your own and polite, friendly staff. The walls are blanketed in art, as a matter of fact this entire property is one big masterpiece with black and white photography here and there, chalk art out by the pool deck. Your eye is taken on a wonderful ride up, down and all around.

The rooms are far from basic. They are Contemporary, Cozy and eclectic in the most wonderful ways and flaunt boutique touches that set it apart from the rest. Tommy Bahama toiletries, Cafe Bustelo K -Cups and even a little sticker on your freshly creased toilet paper roll that reads "Fidel". I laughed out loud.

Havana Cabana offers multiple room sizes and views! Want a lanai or balcony overlooking the largest fresh water pool in Key West? Or ,perhaps you came for a sweeping Gulf view? No problem! Check out their room selection here! The pool is absolutely stunning! You'll feel like you're on the most exclusive island somewhere, its an Oasis of fun! Live entertainment , activities and the largest cabanas I've every seen to lounge in. With towel service and tons of games to challenge your family to , like giant Jenga, Corn Hole, Foosball, or Ping Pong , you'll never be bored.

Relax in the hot tub or in one of the many hammocks , strategically placed under lazy palm trees, the bar Mojitos has some mean Mojitos along with all of your other adult favorites ,this pool is selfie paradise. All that fun is sure to work up an appetite but the good news is you wont have to go far the Floridida food truck is just a few strides away from the pool, underneath a playful Chickee hut. It's convenient and delicious.

Order up your Cuban classics from 7:00am to 10:00pm! That's right ,all day dining and don't worry, if Cuban food isn't your cup of Cafe' con Leche , they've got you covered with lots of familiar American favorites. I could go on and on about this fun and beautiful Hotel but nothing beats checking it out for yourself click here to take a peek

Of the property and learn more about all the other wonderful things they offer. Havana Cabana is such a wonderful addition to The Conch District, be sure to book directly through the site to take advantage of their specials.

Until next time. Peace, Love & Paradise.


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