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Summer schedule

For those of you that don’t plan on putting the kids in a camp or traveling this summer and may be staying home with your kids to save money. here is a fun summer schedule to keep the kids having fun and your budget and mental health in check!

🎨 Make it Monday is our day to make new things. We’ll work on interesting arts and crafts projects, try preparing fun recipes, and create easy DIYs.

🧬 Thinking Tuesday is our day to prevent the summer slump and make sure everything the kids have learned this year is not forgotten. We’ll have fun with , educational games, fun experiments, and books.

💦 Water Day Wednesday . We’ll try to get out of the house and go to the pool, a water park, the beach..slip n slide, we’ll try to play with bubbles, water balloons, sprinklers, squirt guns, and sponges.

🎳 Take a Trip Thursday visit a nearby playground, we’ll go to places like the the zoo, a museum, a movie, or a bowling center for free summer bowling.

🧺 Fun Day Friday Some ideas on our list are a lemonade stand, camping in the backyard, a tea party, a movie day at home, and a family picnic or play date.


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