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An Elevated Experience

When I get lost In the inevitable routine, a trip is grounding, a way to reset and remind myself that life isn't just shuttling the kids back and forth to Gymnastics and Baseball , grocery shopping, endless amounts of laundry, cooking, work and bills. Life is also all that wonderful in-between time. The breaks, good food, good laughs and adventure! Being a South FL girl, I'm naturally drawn to the Sea, typically a resort on the Beach will surely soothe my soul but this year has been far from typical, and I knew we needed something more. So, we loaded up our bags and ran for the hills, literally.

My family's health is always a priority, so a road trip was what seemed to be the safest travel option for avoiding large crowds and Murder Hornets. With lots of snacks and patience packed, we set out to reconnect with the open road. Our journey to Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa was almost surreal, as we approached, each twist and turn of black top would open up the tree line just enough to expose a view a little more amazing than the last. While winding through the Mountains you'd be surprised to see a gas station, much less a breath-taking resort, yet after a lot of ooo's and ahhh's, that's exactly what we found. Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa is an oasis, perched perfectly in the North Georgia Mountains.

We were greeted by friendly staff that were happy to help us unload and catch us up to speed on the happenings around the Resort. Walking into the Lodge will take your breath away, a panoramic view of Mountain vistas, Oak-vaulted ceilings and a massive stone fireplace, demand your attention. It's truly something special. Sophisticated and warm with perfectly placed furniture, welcoming you to leave your worries at the door and find a soft spot to land. You can stay in the lodge or in a private, cozy cabin which are sprinkled across the sprawling property.

Our room at the lodge was comfortable with plush bedding and a balcony that overlooked the impressive golf course and pool area. Speaking of pool, we spent ALOT of time in this one. It was half indoor , half outdoor, super unique. If the sun went down and you were feeling a little chilly or you wanted to soak up some Vitamin D in the heat of the day, you simply swam from one side to the other.

There were Two hot tubs, water was warm and aside from the ping pong table, there were pool toys like beach balls and noodles for the kids to play with, provided by the property. After the littles turned in for the night, Jerry and I took turns going down to the locker rooms and relaxing in the steam room and sauna, they were open late, which was nice. Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa has amenities and activities to accommodate any speed of vacation. Looking to relax and focus on you? This place has so many charming places to sit and simply be or take advantage of everything Equani Spa has to offer, a true sanctuary focused on self-care and featuring healing spa treatments. My most favorite spot to sit any time of day but especially at sunset was the large veranda, right off of the lobby. views like that paired with sounds of a waterfall babbling below, set the perfect stage for self-reflection and meditation.

One activity we were all excited to enjoy as a family was horseback riding. Brasstown Valley boasts a spectacular 1,200sf stable on site. Beautiful, well cared for Horses graze in pristine pastures that seem as if they were painted on the hillside. Handlers were all knowledgeable, kind, patient and made our time memorable! We were all unexperienced. Yet after just an hour or so of trotting along crystal clear trout streams, winding hills and paths, taking in deep breaths of sweet, clean air, on the back of a well-behaved horse that seemed to be on auto pilot. I felt like a confident rider. Covid was nowhere in mind, instead I found myself plotting how we could all abandon our life by the beach, so I could become a full time Cowgirl. Landon didn’t want to leave and even Gabriella our toddler had a blast on her handled horse ride. We learned that they also offer summer camps at the stable for kids 7 and up!

All that action can work up an appetite, back at the lodge you have options. Brassies Grill has big screens, pool tables, a full bar and darts. perfect for lunch, a quick afternoon snack or casual dinner. Located adjacent to the Lobby, the Resorts fine Dining Room serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Plates of outstanding fair are paired with picturesque mountain views, making any meal special. This was a trip we won't forget, and we've vowed to return to the mountains next summer. Get out there, turn the tables on mundane routine. Make this year unforgettable by taking an epic family vacation. Check out all the packages and specials the resort has to offer and treat yourselves to a far from typical getaway, an elevated experience. Till next time, Peace, Love and Paradise.


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