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Go little it, it's a thing

Ok …so you’ve all had a Vacation and maybe even a "Baecation" with your significant other but how about a Mom-cation?! It's a thing…a super amazing thing…..just a short getaway from the kids, spouse and life duties to connect with yourself, do whatever your little heart desires and lay down, a lot

. The goal? Take a day or a few days off to come home the best version of you….recharged and refreshed.

I treated myself to a Momcation in Tampa and it was amazing. I always have something to do..even when I don’t have anything going on, there is always laundry and someone that’s hungry…there is never nothing…it was so odd for me to be completely alone with nothing to do , and zero company…even if it was only for one night and two days…it had been years since I had visited channel side …I choose to stay at Tampa Marriott Water Street…it was perfect….comfortable, close to everything ,super pretty. Let’s just say there were more adults than children but it was a holiday weekend and there is a lot of night life around so the crowd does fluctuate I would totally stay here with my family. And let me tell you what..Scootch over channel side, The entire water street area is so up and coming.

a wellness-focused, waterfront community featuring residences, hotels, retail, restaurants, offices and public spaces. Where walkability, connectivity and sustainability matter. so many newly developed spots and More that will be popping up shortly. Tampa will always have a grunge edge’s the pirate in them but it’s totally sprinkling it with glam and it stole my heart! Tampa is welcoming and trendy with a hometown vibe all its own…..I felt super safe and seen everywhere I was …I can’t wait to show you the new Tampa! But let’s start with my hotel …epic views and location…. paired with a sky bridge that connects you to the JW .. was won’t be disappointed staying here and I met so many friendly people!


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