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Live Your Best Life!

Updated: Mar 16

Close your eyes, no peeking! I want you to think about South Beach, For those of you that have never been, it could be an image from your favorite South FL reality show. swaying palms, classic cars, miles of golden sand. For some that haven't been since your besties bachelorette party, your vision might be a little blurry because the night life is pretty woah. South Beach beats to the tune of its own Bongo drum, its unpredictable and alive in every way imaginable.

Tan bodies, yummy Food, Music and this beautiful marriage of Art Deco and Modern architecture sprinkle the streets. You could visit a hundred times and always discover something new. Being a South Florida girl , I can vouch, I've spent many days and nights on SOBE and no two experiences have ever been the same. Miami Beach is as eclectic as its inhabitants, Its no shocker that people are traveling far and wide to experience it, wanna know the coolest part, you don't have to travel far and wide, A straight shot across the Ally, We're truly spoiled, why not take advantage of it!

Are your eyes still closed, good? Be careful and hop on the back of my Vespa, you can rent them just about anywhere down here and its a wonderful way to get around, I swear there is enough room for the two of us, hold on tight because Miami traffic is serious my friend. The Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive District has been an edgy fashion mecca since the late 1980s, all in all, you're gonna feel fancy down here and depending on where you stay, you could also feel a bit out of place, with a blend of accommodations from ultra luxe to quaint and even hostel, literally. Just do your research.

Miami Beach boasts the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world that comprises hundreds of hotels, apartments and other structures built from the 1920s to the 40s and where I'm taking you is smack dab in the middle of it all. Ok, you can open your eyes now, We're Here! 1717 Collins Ave.

The Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel, was built in 1948, Its a beautiful boutique property and not just esthetically, sure the manicured hedges, gorgeous Orchids and Palm Tree lined paths are pretty but its the vibe that's stunning, The Hotel plays on all of your senses, you're greeted not only by kind, prompt staff but opportunities to lounge everywhere you turn and you'll see people actually enjoying these spaces, reading books, playing cards with their family, board games are laid out welcoming you to stay a while, rocking chairs , plush love seats, they want you to relax and you feel it. Then there is the smell, O. M. G. this, sweet, clean, unique perfume blankets the lobby. It was so nice in fact that I even asked the front desk " Hey, Whatever that is you spray out here, is it for sale? Because I really want my house to smell like this!" haha.

In its hay day the Kimpton Surfcomber was known for its wild pool parties and even served as headquarters for the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards along with headquarters for Bud Light during 2010 Super Bowl XLIV. I know what you're thinking, You're a Family travel blogger, why do you have me down on South Beach with all the Night life and bare buns?! Well, because just like you've changed since your besties bachelorette party, many moons ago, so has this property.

Kimpton Properties took over in 2011 and now The Kimpton Surfcomber is all about the Day Life, with their exciting, unique and extensive monthly calendar of Day Life Activities. They offer everything from Yoga and fitness classes like Splash Cycle (a unique spin class in the pool) To activities for the littles like Music and Movement and even fun beach or pool side activities like Corn hole, Beer pong and more! With Two kids of my own, Day life is the only kind of life I have energy for.

One thing is for sure while staying at the Kimpton Surfcomber your entire family will be living their best life! I would totally stay here without the kids as well, its very romantic, The pool is Spectacular and playful complete with a jaw dropping outdoor Spa. Steps away is the sand. Between the two there are plenty of opportunities to catch a tan and a buzz, with drink service and complimentary happy hour in the lobby complete with cocktails or wine and something to nibble on.( Their parmesan French fries are to sooo delish.)

So here is the real question, how long can you really spend on the beach with kids? The answer is hours when you have a cabana! Their beach attendants are some of the best in the biz and their shaded cabanas are amazingly comfortable and a must to get the most out of your best beach day ever and Why is it the best beach day ever? Simple, All you have to bring is yourselves and maybe some sun screen, they have it all, towels, chairs, Lunch if you need it, even a sand castle building area for the kids, complete with toys and umbrellas for shade.

The rooms are clean and comfortable and the ac worked well which is a big deal to us as a family. To me, that's what matters most. I was comfortable the entire time, it wasn't stuffy or pretentious, total opposite actually.; You're near shops dining, you name it, you got it. So pick a weekend, pack a bag and grab snacks for the ride, lots of snacks and click here for specials, cause who doesn't want more luxe for fewer bucks, you'll love it here I promise.

Till next time, Peace, Love , Paradise!


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