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A New Way To Vacay!

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Parenting through a pandemic was no joke. 2020 tested us. our patience, our limits, and our sanity. It forced us to reset, regroup, and roll with the punches. Proving that we are more resilient than we ever imagined. Thanks to the technology of today, we can work and learn from just about anywhere. Now that school is back in session (however that may look for you and yours) many have opted to homeschool or participate in part time classroom, part time homeschool situation. Its time to take advantage of the academic flexibility that pandemic gifted us with. Bring school along and have fun as a family. Recently, we enjoyed a School-Cation. You heard me right, we packed up the laptop, the books, and broke out of routine, for a long weekend away. A change of environment is needed and healthy. It's not only a huge boost in morale but will keep the kids engaged. When we're excited, we're learning! It's time to flex our newfound freedom and I've got the perfect spot!

Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek in Orlando has launched its "Back to School, Back to your Bucket List" Package which you can snag till mid-December. This offer saves you 30% when booking and comes with school swag for the kids, a backpack full of school supplies. This swag bag really helps set the tone that it's not all play on this vacay. The package comes with something for us parents too, noise-canceling headphones and wine, need I say more? As soon as we arrived at Club Wyndham, I was impressed, which is honestly hard to do. We've enjoyed quite a few resorts and Club Wyndham raises the bar when it came to safety, service, and cleanliness. There is a guard at the entrance, actually guarding the place and security patrolled constantly while we were there, which made me feel at ease. Guests here have options, lots of options, you can even choose your check-in experience. Due to the current Covid situation, if you feel more comfortable, you're able to complete check-in without even leaving your vehicle. The lobby was also open for a more traditional check-in process, which was more my speed.

This manicured property is easy on the eyes and surprisingly the wallet, Luxury for less! Check out these amazing suites. We were so super comfortable. Everyone had their own space, which cuts down on sibling smack down mania, keeps me from repeating words like stop and guarantees a good night's sleep. All that room really helps with designating a workspace as well, especially if you have more than one school-aged child. Ready for this? The suite had a washer and dryer! Nothing will snap you out of vacation mode quicker than loading up suitcases full of dirty clothes for your long, sad drive back to reality. One of the best parts of our stay was the room key bracelets, a total game-changer. No more digging for your key card in a giant bag, misplacing it, or deactivating it by holding it against your cell. These elastic bracelets were comfortable to wear, no different than having a hair tie around your wrist, one swipe and waa laa access granted. It's the little things that can save a parent from reaching their breaking point. If you've ever held a sleeping or fussy toddler while juggling stuffed animals, leftovers, theme park finds and attempted to search for the room key, you know. Something as simple as a room key wrist band can save a mama from a meltdown or even a marriage for that matter, no but seriously, it really helped everyone enjoy their time. This place is huge and magical, float along rivers that wind through castle walls lined with water cannons, swim in the shadows of larger-than-life pirate shipwrecks, there are multiple pools, a spa, water slides, splash pads, and endless activities, even miniature golf!

Everything is centered around a gorgeous lake that's stocked with giant Koi fish. They follow you along the boardwalk like lake puppies, their bubbly barks begging for a scrap of anything you may have. The lake is a perfect place to get in a morning run or evening family walk. Whimsical double swings and strategically placed seating are sprinkled all along the lake path, welcoming you to stop and sit awhile. When it comes to food you can cook on one of the many outdoor grills, or in your suite but if you're anything like me, vacation means no cooking at all. They've got you covered with multiple restaurants to satisfy any apatite. Orlando is epic and while on a School-cation, Recess just got a lot cooler, get work done in-suite or poolside (Wi-Fi is spot on) and then hit the lazy river or even a theme park, they're so close and the resort offers transportation. Disney Springs and other attractions are nearby as well so you won't be lacking in the fun department, that's for sure. Speaking of play if you want to stay in the fresh air and avoid crowds I highly suggest taking the drive out to Wild Florida for some real Florida fun, what a treasure trove of education and adventure. It was clean, with food and drink options on-site, all of the employees were super knowledgeable and friendly and most importantly, the animals (and there are a lot of them) are well cared for and loved. They have unique experiences like Orlando's only drive-thru safari and airboat ride, which was by far our most favorite part. Typically, when you're on vacation all of the fun is away from the hotel, once you commit to heading back to the room, it's kind of like you're pulling the plug on the fun but not at Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek, the fun isn't going to die. life has no rules and 2020 has proven this. So, get out there, take a School-cation of your own, learn on the go, have fun with your family, make more memories and live life on your terms.


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